Our Party Rentals

Flatware & China Rentals

flatware Stainless Steel Flatware - Dinner fork, Salad fork, Teaspoon,       Soup Spoon, and Dinner Knife 750 Doz per piece
  Stainless Steel Serving Forks and Spoons 2.00
  Steak Knives 8.00 doz
  12" Serving Tongs 2.00
  Spatulas and Serving Spoons 2.00
Diplomat china Off White with Gold Band Pattern - Dinner plate, Salad Plate, Cup, Saucer, Fruit Bowl, and Soup Bowl 9.00 doz per piece
  Sugar/Creamer and Salt/Pepper 4.00 set
  Vegetable Bowl, Meat Platter, Gravy Boats 4.00
White china White with Silver Band Pattern - Dinner plate, Bread & Butter, Salad plate, Soup Bowl, Cup, and Saucer 10.00 doz per piece
  Sugar/Creamer and Salt/Pepper 4.00 set
  Oval Platters, Gravy Boats, Vegetable Bowls 5.00
Clear Glass Plates Clear Glass Pattern - Dinner plates, Salad Plates, Cup, Saucer, and Fruit Bowls 8.00 doz per piece
  Serving Bowls 3.00
  Sugar/Creamer and Salt/Pepper 3.00
  All Flatware and Dinnerware must be returned washed